Dr. Makani Lew, DC

Professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic West Campus

Chiropractic Clinical Evaluation IV (CCE 4) (6th Quarter) LAB materials

Dr. Lew used to teach the second lab for CCE3. This is a link to her lab materials. For current course materials contact the course instructors:

Lecture instructor: Dr. Ed Feinberg, DC

Lab instructor(s): Dr. Morgan Young, DC

Dr. Lew’s Lab Notes (PDF- it's a large file, please be patient)

For Relevant Articles, Weekly Schedule, and Exam Review sheets- please go to Dr. Young's CCE4 webpage

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email: makani.lew@palmer.edu or lew_m@palmer.edu (either one should work)

Palmer Website: www.palmer.edu

Dr. Lew's Palmer College of Chiropractic West Campus Faculty Website: http://w3.palmer.edu/makani.lew/

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