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Dr. Makani Lew, BSc, DC, DACRB

Professor at Palmer College of Chiropractic, West Campus, San Jose, CA

Dr. Lew’s Classes Website:

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Office hours by appointment (look at Dr. Lew's class schedule below)

Open Lab: (Weeks 2-9): Mon + Wed 9:30-10:20AM and Tues 7:40-8:30AM

Email: Lew_M@palmer.edu  (or makani.lew@palmer.edu )

Phone: 408-944-6097


Links to Dr. Lew’s Class Notes and Study Guides:

2Q- Spinal Anat + Palp II (ANAT52127)

3Q- PCA (Principles of Chiro Analysis) (ANAT53133)

5Q-CCE3 (Thoracic Region Diagnosis) (DIAG62222)

6Q- Tspine Tech + Mngmt (Thoracic Region Treatment) (CHPR63233)

7Q- Rehab I (Exercise and Rehabilitation) (MIPA71313)

7Q- PT I  (Physiotherapy I) (CHPR71314)

8Q- PT II (Physiotherapy II) (CHPR72324)

10Q- Rehab II (Exercise and Rehabilitation level 2) (CHPR81413)


Extra material from labs Dr. Lew used to teach:

6Q- Lower Extremity Lab (CHPR 63232- 6th Quarter)

6Q- CCE4 lab (DIAG 63231 - 6th Quarter)  

Other links:

Students + doctors- Here’s Dr. Lew’s list-blog with links to the textbooks and references that are essential to every doctor!

·         **Best Books** and References (http://freetofeelhealthy.blogspot.com/p/health-books-and-videos.html)  ** Updated every quarter by Dr. Lew ** This list-blog provides links to the books, seminars, equipment, and other resources every chiropractic student and chiropractor needs for their schooling and career! [Note: if you click on the book links, you will be brought to Amazon.com to get the books at today’s best prices. Remember, most of these books are available as physical and/or Kindle books. Kindle books can be read on any computer platform, not just Kindles. Disclaimer: If you purchase books or other equipment through the Amazon or other affiliate vendor links, Dr. Lew will make a small percentage for a referral fee.]

·         Online Journal Access Help and Hints

·         What current literature is Dr. Lew reading?

·         Dr. Lew’s public commentary on ICE and how it GOOD for patients. Dr. Lew writes about how foolish the new message that that the RICE protocol is not good for people is and includes links to reference lists and presentation handouts. lew-ice-therapy-is-still-good.htm


Dr. Lew's Class Schedule:

·         Class Schedule

·         Dr. Lew's Calendar

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Articles written by Dr. Lew:

Lew M. Patient Compliance as Homework. J Amer Chiropr Assoc 2001 Feb;38(2):48-49

Lew_M_Patient_Compliance_Homework_JACA_February_2001.pdf (PDF file)

Journal Link: http://www.acatoday.org/jaca/archives/members_february2001.pdf

This article discusses how to get patients to participate in their home care.


Lew M. Shoulder Impingement in an X-Ray Technician. J Amer Chiropr Assoc 2001 May;38(5):42-43

Lew_M_Shoulder_Impingement_in_an_X-Ray_Technician_JACA_May_2001.pdf (PDF file)

Journal Link: http://www.acatoday.org/jaca/archives/members_may2001.pdf

This article discusses how a painful shoulder upon lifting the arm into abduction could be something other than “frozen shoulder” (Adhesive Capsulitis) and may be caused by deep shoulder muscle trigger points and humerus and clavicle fixations. The article describes some simple myofascial methods and low force adjustments to help with this situation. NOTE: It is recognized that the words “x-ray tech” were used inappropriately. The better terms should be “radiographic technologist”. Mea culpa.


Lew M. The Elusive (and Painful) First Rib. J Amer Chiropr Assoc 2005 July;42(5):14-15

Lew_M_Elusive_and_Painful_First_Rib_JACA_July_2005.pdf (PDF file)

This is the old prepublication link- although it still works


Journal Link: http://www.acatoday.org/JacaDisplay1.cfm?CID=518&DisType=Text  (no pictures)

This article discusses all the ways a first rib can hurt, the related structures that will need to be addressed, and several ways to treat first rib pain.


Lew M. Evidence in Action: A patient brings her 11-year old son to your clinic with mid-thoracic back pain. J Amer Chiropr Assoc 2012;JanFeb:14-17

Lew_M_Painful_Left_Scoliosis_in_a_Child_JACA_Evidence_in_Action_Jan-Feb_2012.pdf  (PDF file)

Journal Link: https://www.acatoday.org/JacaDisplay1.cfm?CID=4755&DisType=Text

This article walks the reader through how to search for evidence regarding a diagnosis while describing an unusual, potentially red-flag case of painful scoliosis in a young boy.


Lew M and Snow G. Radiograph utilization and demographics in a chiropractic college teaching clinic. J Chiro Med 2012; Nov 11:242-48.
Journal Link: http://www.journalchiromed.com/article/S1556-3707(12)00122-8/abstract (Abstract)

PubMed Full Text Link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3706708/

This article evaluates the radiograph (plain film x-ray) utilization rate at a chiropractic college.


Lew M. Core Stabilization for low-back pain. J Amer Chiropr Assoc 2013 March-April;50(2):8-14


Journal Link: http://www.acatoday.org/JacaDisplay1.cfm?CID=5159&DisType=Text

This article walks the reader through how to research a subject like this while describing an actual LBP case.



Articles co-authored by Dr. Lew:

Robert Cooperstein, Michael T. Haneline, Makani Lew, Morgan Young, and Jennifer M. Hettich. Feigned Pain and Subluxation Calls: A Pilot Study on the Role of Expectation Bias. Poster Presentation, 2007 ACC-RAC [Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference XIV and Research Agenda Conference XII] J Chiro Educ. 2007 Spring 21(1):52.

Journal Link: http://www.journalchiroed.com/doi/pdf/10.7899/1042-5055-21.1.47

Cooperstein, R, Lew, M. The relationship between pelvic torsion and anatomical leg length inequality: a review of the literature. J Chiropractic Medicine. 2009 Aug 8(3):107-118.

PubMed Link full text: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2732247/

PubMed Link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19703666 (abstract)

Responses to Article, PubMed Links: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2943661/

Young, M, Cooperstein, R, Lew, M. Palpation of the atlas transverse process: A validity study with radiographic gold standard. 2010 ACC-RAC Conference Platform Presentation. J Chiro Educ. 2010 Spring 24(1):118.

Journal Link: http://www.journalchiroed.com/doi/pdf/10.7899/1042-5055-24.1.83


Snow G and Lew M. Patient and payment sources of Palmer College of Chiropractic’s teaching clinics. 2013 ACC-RAC Conference Platform Presentation. J Chiropr Educ 2013 Spring 27(1):79.

Journal Link: http://www.journalchiroed.com/doi/pdf/10.7899/JCE-12-036  


Platform Presentations by Dr. Lew:


Lew M. Self-directed algorithm design: a useful tool in learning the differential diagnosis process. 2012 ACC-RAC Conference Platform Presentation. Abstract in the Journal of Chiropractic Education. 2012;26(1):96.

Journal Link: http://www.journalchiroed.com/doi/pdf/10.7899/1042-5055-26.1.83


Lew M and Snow GJ. X-Ray Utilization and Demographics in a Chiropractic College Outpatient Clinic. 2012 ACC-RAC Conference Platform Presentation. Abstract in the Journal of Chiropractic Education. 2012;26(1):98.

Journal Link: http://www.journalchiroed.com/doi/pdf/10.7899/1042-5055-26.1.83


Lew M. Time to numbness in response to 5 different cryotherapy applications. 2014 ACC-RAC Conference Platform Presentation. Abstract in the Journal of Chiropractic Education. Spring 2014;28(1):68.

Journal Link: http://www.journalchiroed.com/doi/pdf/10.7899/JCE-14-3

(To request a handout from my ACC-RAC 2014 platform presentation, send an email to:  Makani.lew@palmer.edu (Be put in the email subject:  “requesting copy of Ice handout” and provide an explanation of your request in the email text body.)


Lew M. Comparison of subjective and objective pain sensitivity in a healthy population. 2014 ACC-RAC Conference Platform Presentation. Abstract in the Journal of Chiropractic Education: Spring 2014;28(1):68.

Journal Link: http://www.journalchiroed.com/doi/pdf/10.7899/JCE-14-3


Continuing Education Seminars presented by Dr. Makani Lew, D.C.

September 11, 2008. Palmer West Campus Coffee Break Seminar Series: Thoracic Spine Technique and Management: Adjusting Difficult Thoracic Areas. 
This 2-hour seminar session included a presentation on the diagnosis and management of thoracic related musculo-skeletal issues. There was an emphasis on how to manage difficult areas such as the thoraco-lumbar and cervico-thoracic regions as well as adjunct areas of involvement such as the scapulo-thoracic region, the ribs, the clavicle and the acromio-clavicular joint. 
August 13, 2009. Palmer West Campus Coffee Break Seminar Series: Favorite Adjustments: Finding the Comfortable Adjustment for the Patient & the Doctor. This 2-hour seminar session included a presentation and hands-on practice in adjusting all the areas of the spine such as the occiput, cervical spine, first rib, clavicle, scapulo-thoracic junction, ribs 2-12, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, and the sacro-iliac joint. 
October 15, 2010 Palmer West Campus Homecoming: Extremity Adjusting with a Kinematic Approach. 
Dr. Lew presented a “hands-on” workshop that allowed practitioners to learn, review and practice various adjustments for the more common problems in the both the upper and lower extremities. The adjustments demonstrated were geared to patient comfort and doctor safety. Emphasis was placed on a kinematic chain approach, eg. how a scapulo-thoracic fixation effects the shoulder, the elbow, the wrist and vice versa.

Continuing Education Seminars attended by Dr. Lew, DC

Other campus involvement by Dr. Lew (clubs, rewards, etc)

Dr. Lew's Palmer West Campus Graduation Invocation Address


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